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Tevel Media

a Boutique Mobile Media Buying Agency



Media Buying Plan

Each campaign is built according to the product nature, to deliver the right audience and meet the partner objectives. 

The media plan is set on different traffic sources taking into account the budget and reach the partner set. 


With campaign goals achieved we are working on scaling the volume and reach to acquire wider audiences and deliver even better results to our partners. 



Payment Models

We work with CPA; CPI; CPM models, depending on product, market and verticals. 



Tevel Media utilize the years of experience with direct Media Buying for Mobile products, from app installs to mobile content (Games and Entertainment) to supply quality performance and high scale to achieve the best return on investment. 

Our partners enjoy full board services including tailor made media plan per product, high quality user acquisition and safe and super clean traffic sources. 

We work in full cooperation and transparency with each partner in order to ensure we can meet the partner goals and objectives while generating high volumes. 

Please contact for additional information. 

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